Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Urban Gal

So I have been knee deep in my exciting new project. I am assisting a young urban professional to help transform her home to reflect the vibrant and dynamic woman that she is. Like many single professionals, she had every intent of decorating the place once she moved in but somehow busy city life just got in the way (see my post from Sunday) .

Upon touring the space it was obvious that this was not a home that reflected the owner. The biggest issue being the serious lack of lighting and storage. But the most glaringly omission, however was the lack of personality. The homeowner fell in the trap, to which most people can relate, and bought pieces she was attracted to without the thought of how they would relate to one another, or the space as a whole. The biggest piece of advice I could give to anyone is to scheme, or plan, the entire apartment knowing exactly what you need. An overall vision, be it a folder of inspiration pictures, to an actual floor plan, which will act as your beacon. With this decorative 'road map' you can purchase as your budget allows all the while working towards the end goal. This is especially important when working on a budget because you will make mindful decisions which will not need to be replaced later because they don't fit the overall vision.

The challenge for this particular project is going to be the floor plan. The apartment is located in The Cocoa Exchange building off Wall Street and is one of the only Flatiron shaped residential buildings in New York City. Because of this, there are no right angles which make utilizing the space efficiently a serious challenge. The floor plan above is my sketch for the main living area. In coming posts, I will break down each room and discuss my plan and thought process for each space.

The most amazing side effect of this project is how it has completely, and utterly, reignited a creativity in me which I haven't felt in years. Having spent nearly a decade working for the country's top names in design, I had lost sight that style and comfort are not the benefit of the privileged few, but rather should be available to all that seek it. I am going to change this woman's life and I couldn't be happier.


Mia said...

I wish you were changing my life...its not fair that your project is in NY

Haute Decor said...

I am sorry Mia. I am sure there is someone in your area who would be more than happy to change your life too.