Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Haute Designer: Veere Grenney

Photo from Veere Grenney website

I have been completely obsessed with London based designer Veere Grenney recently. The longtime Director of the esteemed firm Colefax and Fowler has such a keen eye and daring mix of styles. He somehow manages to make contemporary pieces feel completely at home in historic traditional homes.

Australian Vogue Living, Nov/Dec 2008

His latest spread in the current issue of The World of Interiors, did not disappoint. Grenney, with help of architect Peter Inskip, transformed a dark Arts and Crafts country manor, whose original architect was none other that Edward Lutyen, into a light filled space which feels strangely modern. Grenney masterfully mixes pieces by design luminaries such as Corbusier, Charlotte Perriand, Andre Arbus and Jean Royere. Added into the mix is artwork by Donald Judd, and one of my personal favorites, Anish Kapoor.

World of Interiors, Oct 2009
On paper this sounds like a completely crazy idea to add such modern elements to this historic residence. But one must remember that at the time, the Arts and Crafts movement, WAS the modern style of choice. This movement was a reaction to the Victorian period, which the Arts and Crafts founders mocked for its lack of authenticity and its amalgamation of several styles. They wanted to strip away all the frivolity and get back to basics. What? You thought the minimalists of the 90's invented this reactionary thinking?

Australian Vogue Living, Nov/Dec 2008

His London apartment featured in the November issue of Australian Vogue Living was the very moment that my adoration moved into the realm of lust. This apartment is so sublime, understated and incredibly chic. Again he masterfully mixes styles, textures and periods to a result which I can only describe as perfection. This is one place that I could move right into without adding a thing. OK maybe one or TWO things, but certainly not much. (To see more of this fabulous apartment, check out Studio Annetta's post on the subject.)

Australian Vogue Living, Nov/Dec 2008


Dumbwit Tellher said...

These spaces designed by Mr. Grenney are incredible. The first room is magnificent; formal enough yet livable and inviting. Designers who possess that audacious ability to mix styles & era's are so talented in their craft.

Thank you today for pointing out my use of last years photos of rooms from the Showtime House. I really appreciated you telling me as I dislike giving people incorrect information. I should never blog before caffeine! Happy to know it was as wonderful as it looked.

All the best to you,

Haute Decor said...

Thanks for stopping by Deb. I appreciate your comments. Its strange how Mr Grennley isn't that well known in the states. Glad you took my comments in the spirit in which it was meant.

Francine Gardner said...

All along I thought that Deb purposefully juxtaposed last year and this year interpretation of the shows which made it interesting. I sent the link to the PR director at Met Home and she liked the idea....
Hope you enjoyed the visit
Francine Gardner

Haute Decor said...

Francine, thanks for stopping by! I really enjoyed your spaces. You handled what could be considered challenging spaces with such aplomb. Big fan of your shop as well.

kevin isbell

Habitually Chic said...

Veere's London home is one of my all time favorites!

Haute Decor said...

I agrre Heather. It is such a great blend of styles textures and color. very nuanced.

Colefax and Fowler said...

Great post............